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Honors Entrance Exam

--The 2024 Honors Placement Exam Window is Now Closed--

Application Procedure (Application follows this information)

  1. Collect the following before filling out the application: Latest grade report card, Common Core Test Scores (7th Grade)— If you are coming from a school that does not offer the Common Core then you may leave the scores blank and upload a copy of your scores report for the standardized test you did take, i.e. Stanford 9, etc. The registration form is now able to collect electronic versions of these 2 reports. Please upload the files in PDF, JPG, PNG, or DOC format. We will not be taking physical copies this year. 

  2. Complete and submit the online application by 11:59pm below, January 9th, 2024 for the January 13th test and 11:59pm, January 16th for the January 20th, 2024 test date (The application is ONLY available online and must be submitted through this site).

  3. When filling out the application you must use your LEGAL NAME on all information submitted (application, exam, etc).

  4. After submission you will receive an e-mail to verify that the application has been properly submitted. All correspondence, reminders, news, and acceptance decision will be communicated electronically, therefore it is crucial that a valid e-mail address is used. If you have any questions contact the following email:

**There is no cost for this exam ​


Test Day 
Check-in at 7:00am to verify the registration information. Testing is from 7:30am-10:00am on Saturday, January 13th and Saturday, January 20th, 2024. There will be NO other test dates offered. Both tests are online. You will be sent a Zoom Link the 2 days before the exam. 

What to have for testing: 

  • A fully charged, internet capable device with working camera and keyboard that can function for the approximately 2 1/2 hours of testing.

  • Stable internet connection

  • **Photo identification of yourself (passport or school ID) (YOU MUST HAVE THIS OR YOU CANNOT TEST)

    • you will be asked to show the ID on camera ​where your face and ID will be recorded

  • Your device's camera will remain on during testing with your face visible

  • During testing​ have your photo ID in your possession and ready to show if asked

  • Scratch-paper for the Math test and pen or pencil for outlining and calculating


The Exam
The examination will assess you in the areas of English and mathematics. You may test in only one examination session. There will be no make-up tests. The format of the multiple-choice test is similar to that of the SAT I Math and Critical Reasoning exam. If you are currently in Algebra, you will take an exam primarily Algebra based. If you are in Geometry, you will take an exam primarily Geometry based. Both exams will also cover: real numbers, equation solving, graphs and linear equations, and inequalities. In addition to taking the multiple-choice test, you will be required to write a multi-paragraph essay in response to a literature-based prompt. Download a PDF that contains the rubric used for scoring, a past prompt, and 5 scored essays. English Testing: Essay. Open this diagram to see the sequencing of math courses at Sunny Hills and requirements for entrance. Since you will be taking the test at mid-year, it is appropriately a mid-year exam, not a final in the subjects.


Other important facts

  • False information will disqualify your examination. Provide documentation of current and past behavioral and academic performance by submitting the most recent eighth grade report card. 

  • For most students this will be your quarter grade as semester grades will not be mailed until the end of January. Be prepared to submit a semester report card upon request.

  • Obtain, if necessary, an appropriate attendance permit, which must be approved by both the student's school district of residence and the Fullerton Joint Union High School District.

  • For students who are transferring from districts outside of Fullerton Joint Union the first step is to obtain a transfer permit from the district of residence. The next step is to request a permit to attend Sunny Hills by calling our counseling office 714-626-4208 and getting an appointment to complete the paperwork. This process usually begins at your home school site. Inter-district transfers must be renewed annually through the sophomore year. A student’s simultaneous enrollment in Sunny Hills and other high schools will disqualify him or her from Sunny Hills 2024/2025 freshmen class. If an acceptance offer has been extended, it will be rescinded, and the student’s place will be forfeited.

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